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Rhema Austria

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Rhema Austria Facts

There are 3 Rhema Austria Campuses; in Wels, Lienz and Vienna.

More than 500 students have completed the first year program.

270 have graduated from the second year program.

32 grads are working in pastoral ministry and church planitng projects.

22 have been sent out as missionaries to Ghana, India, Tanzania, Romania, South Africa, and China.



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Rhema Austria is training men and women for the work of the ministry. In November of 1994, Fred & Judy started a Bible School modeled after Rhema Bible Training Center in the USA. With a focus on the spirit of faith and practical aspects of Christian ministry and church planting, the Bible School has produced outstanding pastors, evangelists and missionaries since it's inception. Since 2000, the school has operated under the name Rhema Austria and is one of the many international Bible Schools working directly with Rhema Bible Training Center and Kenneth Hagin Ministries. Rhema Austria also works closely together with the Freie Christengemeinde; Austria's national pentecostal movement. Click here to go to our Rhema Austria website.