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Rhema Austria Graduates Links

Here are some links to churches and ministries that we either planted or helped to plant. They are all graduates of Rhema Austia and doing a great job for King Jesus. The sites are in German but even if you don't speak the language, you'll be able to see some of the good things that are happening here!

 Christliche Freikirche Trostberg

 Freie Christengemeinde Lienz

   Freie Christengemeinde Ried

   Forum Freikirche Vienna

 GospelHouse Klagenfurt

 Sankt Paulus EEK Kirche

  Freie Christengemeinde Rohrbach

 Cornerstone Freikirche

 Worship Revolution

Links to our friends and partners Home of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Rhema Rhema Europe KNYD Radio "The Oasis Network" David Ingles Ministries Pastor Mike and Beth Webb Reverend Doug Jones Pastor Frank and Ivalene Estes Pastors Byron and Rhea Mills Pastors Scott and Michelle Kiekover Evangelist Jan Eriksen Reverend Tony Cook Reverend Robert Tomaschek - Church planting reources Evangelist Daniel and Tanya Chand Evangelist Erwin Fillafer Pastors Andrew and Kandyse Carter

Links to cool Christian Websites Lots of Bibles and Bible stuff! Bibles in many languages including German The name says it all. Dr. John Lennox; Oxford professor and apologeticist Current news from a conservative Christian viewpoint. Christian satire... very funny. Interesting ID site.