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June 14, 2019

25 years ago today (June 24th) Judy, Josh, Hannah and I moved to Austria. Since then we have gained a beautiful daughter in law, (Irene) and 2+ grandchildren (Joy, Noah and ?) and a faithful son in law (Kevin).

What the Lord has done in these 25 years amazes me and fills me with gratitude. 13 churches have grown out of our church in Wels, some of those churches have planted other churches, 4 campuses of Rhema Bible Training College Austria with app. 150 students and hundreds of graduates, several thousand saved over the years, various healings, deliverances and miracles that changed hopeless situations into hope-filled futures - I look at it and think of all He has made out of the little that we have done. And I know the best is yet to come!

I want to encourage you to do whatever you can to build the church of Jesus - you'll be amazed at what He makes out of it. Everything else is temporary and passing but the fruit of working with Jesus as He builds His church will last forever. Thank you to all who have prayed for us, supported us and helped us! We love you! Austria shall be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of the glory of the Lord! All glory in Heaven and Earth be to Jesus Christ our great King, Lord and best Friend forever. Praise to the Father, to the Son and to the mighty Holy Spirit. Amen!

September 2017

     Wow! September has been a great month month for us in Austria! I just want to share a few highlights with you. On September 8-10 we had powerful meetings with our good friend from jolly old England, Daniel Chand. He's a young evangelist who ministered at Worship Revolution two years ago. His powerful testimony of how God saved him from a life of drugs, crime and jail time proves that no matter how far away from God someone is, they are not beyond His reach. Several people were saved, many were filled with Spirit and dozens  were healed. One sister who was lame from her knees down was instantly healed and jogged back and forth across the front of the auditorium. Another lady with a preforated ear drum was instantly healed. Her inner ear had become infected because of the preforation and this resulted in pain and hearing loss. The pain left immediately and her hearing was completely and perfectly restored. Many others testified to God's healing power during the meetings! A young Muslim man from Afgahsistan came forward and gave his life to Jesus. God touched him powerfully and he fell to the floor overwhelmed by the power of the Holy Spirit. When he got back up he repeated over and over, "I believe in Jesus. Yes, Jesus is my Lord. I'm going to follow Jesus!" It was simply awesome!

     September 14-16 were enrollment days at Rhema Bible Training College Austria and enrollment is up! We currently have a total of 156 people studying at Rhema Austria which makes it by far the largest Bible College in Austria! God is raising up and equipping men and women who will take this message of faith and redemption throughout Austria and to the ends of the earth! Please keep our school and the students in your prayers! God is opening doors for us but there are still many enemies and they do not wish us well.

     I started a new preaching series two weeks ago in the Second Coming of Christ. I have had it on my heart to do this for a long time and I thought I take advantage of all the hype people were making about September 23rd. When I was finished with the first part of the series I gave an altar call and 10 - 12 people raised their hands and came forward to receive Jesus. Thank God His Kingdom continues expanding here on earth! Let's continue to prepare as many people as we possibly can for His coming! 

     On September 17th, we conducted our second "Gemeindesonntag" of this year. Gemeindesonntag is a special Sunday church service where our two Sunday morning services are combined. We all gather together to worship, hear some exciting testimonies, renew our commitment the vision, learn about new projects and to hear what God has to say concerning His church. Afterwards we enjoy a good meal together and have some great fellowship! It was powerful! The building was full. People were blessed and we raised almost 10,000 Euros for our current building project. 

     In September we also held a Rhema Austria Alumni meeting, a "Connect Course" and ministered at our daughter church in Rohrbach! There's always a lot going on here. We are honored to be a part of what God is doing in Austria and in the world today!

     Our new building project consists of new flooring, new ceilings, new lighting and new furnishings for the entrance, foyer, book shop, cafeteria and exhibition hall of our church and Bible School facilities. This long overdue project will cost between 90 and 100 thousand Euros. If you'd like to help us finance our building  project click here to find out how. If you can't help us financially or simply don't feel led to do so, please keep us at least in your prayers! We covet your prayers and thank God for your help! Together we are filling Austria with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory! God bless you BIG time!

August 2017

CHURCH: We've been emphasizing evangelism this year and people are getting saved in nearly every church service. We  have conducted three evangelistic campaigns where people were saved, filled with the Spirit and healed. Recently, we had a water baptism service – our second one this year – and 17  were baptized in water. We also had two baby dedication services where 12 babies were blessed and dedicated to the Lord – including our new grandson Noah Parker Lambert born April 21, 2017. Two Syrian couples who seek asylum in Austria brought their new babies to be dedicated. They were taken in by a family in our church and have given their lives to Jesus!

BIBLE COLLEGE: Rhema Austria is the largest Bible school in Austria. 120 students are studying and preparing themselves for the work of the ministry. The Pentecostal denomination in Austria (FCGÖ) recently approved our school as one of their educational paths toward ordination. The leader of the denomination has asked us to start a campus in his church which we are planning to do this Sept. God is opening doors for the message of faith like we have never witnessed before. Pray for us that we will have all the financial, material, human and spiritual resources we need to go through these doors of opportunity and “go teach God’s people faith”.

MISSION TRIP: Judy took a group of Rhema Austria students to Romania where they helped our friends Rufus and Dee Whynot in Cluj Napoca. They had a full schedule including practical repairs on buildings, street evangelism, children’s outreaches in various villages and ministry in gypsy camps. One day they ministered to gypsy children who literally live at the dump. Their families scavage through the trash for metal, copper and other things they can sell to buy food. They live in makeshift huts without running water that are located around the dump. These children do not get an education because they are cut off from society. It’s so heartbreaking to see people that God loves so dearly subjected to such living conditions. Our team brought them food, clothing, candy and ministered the love of Jesus to them. Several children prayed to receive Jesus. Our Rhema students returned home changed from their experiences there. Please pray for the ministries to these people and for Rufus and Dee Whynot in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

BUILDING PROJECT: In 2005 we bought the building we'd been renting for 11 years. We have now been meeting here for more than 23 years. Thousands of people have come to know Jesus and been trained for the ministry in this building over the years. Now, it’s in need of some renovation and repairs.  Our first phase - the total renovation of the bathrooms and kitchen areas is completed. It cost about $60.000. Our second phase is replacing the ceiling tiles, lighting panels and flooring in one third of the building. This project will cost approximately $100,000.00. We started a campaign called, "Heart for the House” which funded the first phase of the renovations. We ask you to pray and believe with us that the money and resources for our second phase will come in speedily. If you sense God leading you to support this project, click on the donate button or send a check payable to Fred Lambert Ministries with the notation "Heart for the House". Thanks!


Many have been saved, baptized in water, filled with the Holy Spirit and healed in our church this year. Our Bible school (Rhema Bible Training Center Austria) continues to grow and is currently the largest Pentecostal / Charismatic Bible school in Austria. Our Missions Conference drew more people than ever this year and inspired many to follow the call of God. Healing seminars, street evangelism, church planting, youth meetings, worship events and ceaseless teaching and preaching of the word of God fill our schedule and are changing lives. God’s grace is sufficient and to Him be all the glory!

In September we will add a second Sunday morning church service. Our Sunday service is consistently filled and adding a second Sunday morning service will enable us to reach more people for Jesus and make more room for growth. The two services will be at 9:00 and 11:00. We are also developing materials to offer Rhema Austria in a bilingual format in Vienna. We will be working together with several English speaking and German speaking churches. We believe that this will eventually be our largest Rhema Campus in Austria and that many people will receive the training they need for the work of the ministry.  Judy and I will be ministering at two major events in the next two months. The youth ministry of the Austrian Pentecostal movement has invited us to be the main speakers at their annual youth camp in August. We are excited about investing in this generation that is so hungry for God. In September we are the speakers for the annual Marriage Encounter Leaders Retreat. Marriage Encounter is such a great ministry and we look forward to ministering to their leaders. We trust God that they will be strengthened and refreshed to continue to invest in marriages and families.  In October Josh, Irene and their team will conduct the last Worship Revolution event of 2015. WR continues to grow and win more and more youth for Jesus! On a personal note, our daughter Hannah, who graduated from the second year program at Rhema in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma this year, has decided to return for their third year program. Her studies have thus far had a mega impact on her life and we are blessed to see how her heart burns for Jesus and His Word. We believe her third year will be a powerful time and help prepare her for the work that God has called her to! There are so many other things we could mention but please pray for us and for these areas that we have mentioned!

Thanks for praying for us and helping us fill Austria with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory!


We are already almost halfway through January 2015. It seems like time is accelerating! The Christmas season at FCG Wels and Rhema Austria was a great time of harvest and blessing. Many souls were won for Jesus and we received new applications for the Bible School. More than 450 people attended our Christmas service and many decisions were made for Jesus. A couple of years ago we started having a Christmas Eve service and this year our attendance was double of what it had been. Around 220 people came and we sang Christmas carols, heard some Austrian Christmas poetry, read the Christmas story and preached the wonderful good news of why Jesus came. On New Year’s Eve we celebrated with our yearly talent show, praise and worship, prayer, communion, fellowship and of course a fireworks display that was truly impressive. Who said that church can’t be fun!

We were also so blessed to have Hannah home with us for the Christmas holidays. Shes's in her second year at Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma but flew back to be with us for the Christmas break. She was really looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home in Austria and also, of course, to see her brand new baby niece, Joy Naomi. I'm sure you heard that Judy and I are now grandparents. We are and we're loving it! Our little Joy was born on November 8th to Josh and Irene. It's amazing to see how she is growing each day. It's also fun to see Josh and Irene growing as parents and going through the things we did way back when. All in all, we had a wonderful, happy family Christmas. We miss Hannah already as she flew back to Broken Arrow on January 7th to continue her studies. Please keep her in your prayers.

The New Year has started with encouraging signs. The church is full every Sunday and just two days ago (January 11) we conducted a water baptism service where 23 fully committed disciples of Jesus were baptized. We believe that this year will once again be a fruitful year for the kingdom of God in Austria. We will be with Rhema Austria graduates Robert and Irmi Tomaschek this weekend in their Church in Trostberg, Bavaria, Germany. We planted this church together with them in 2000 and it's thriving today. We will be conducting revival meetings and are trusting God for a genuine move of His Spirit. Please pray for us! On the first Sunday in February we will be with Pastor Norbert and Maria Haslinger who are also Rhema Austria graduates. They pastor the Freie Christengemeinde Ried which we planted together with them in 2005. Good things are happening and we trust God for more good fruit in Ried in 2015.

One last thing, we are in the process of making some crucial decisions that will impact our ministry here in Wels and truly need your support in prayer. God is encouraging us to expand in several areas and we want to make sure we hear and follow His plans for us clearly. Thank you and God bless you! Austria shall be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory!


I was in the USA from October 25 through November 11. I visited my family in New Jersey and ministered in 5 different churches. It was a great visit and God blessed people in every city. In Toms River, NJ we were blessed to be with Pastor Anthony & Carol Storino at Abundant Grace Church. God touched hearts, brought healing and a young couple came forward to receive Jesus Christ. We also sang and preached at Victory Christian Fellowship in Palmyra, PA with Pastors Doug and Fiona Pyszka, Crossroads Assembly of God in Medford, NJ with Pastors Steve and Lorrie Braddock, First Assembly of God in Millville, NJ with Pastor Joe Green, First United Methodist Church in Millville, NJ with Pastor Lewis Hiserote and was also privileged to share on how to receive the Holy Spirit at the seniors group led by my pastor, Rev. Gerritt Kenyon.

When I got back we hit the road running. From November 14-16, we conducted our Rhema Austria Pastors Retreat. 11 pastor couples and one of our missionaries came together for a great time of refreshing. We enjoyed some great fellowship, lots of prayer and praise and worship, some inspiring input from the Word and too much good food. We thank God for these men and women who are serving God wth all of their hearts here in Austria. It's not always easy for them and some of them are still working full time or part time jobs to support their ministry. Please pray for them when you get a chance!

The weekend after that I was in Klagenfurt at our Rhema Campus there. The school is doing great. Several new students have come along for the basic training modules and are very hungry for God and excited about what they are learning. I taught Eschatology in the Advanced Training class. What a powerful reminder that we are living in the last of the last days! Let us be about the Master's business and reach as many as we can for Christ before He comes to receive us to Himself. 

July and August

At the end of July, Judy and I were blessed with a week vacation in Bibionne, Italy. Bibionne is a beautiful beach town in northern Italy on the Adriatic coast. We relaxed, laid on the beach, read some books, ate too much pasta and pizza and simply enjoyed one another's company. After four days of being there I realized how tired I actually was. This last year has been extra strenuous and we hadn't really had a vacation in a long time. It was great to be able to get away for a few days. We also did a day trip to Venice and walked the narrow streets and alleys of San Marco. We also visited San Marco's Basillica which is a church that was originally built in the 9th century. The bones of St. Mark (the one who wrote the Gospel of Mark) are supposedly buried in the altar of this church. It was very interesting to say the least. 

As soon as we got back to Wels we conducted our "Faith Conference 2012". Matthias and Sabine Jordan, our good friends from Kassel, Germany, were our speakers for the evening services. During the mornings services Judy, Josh and I as well as our good friends Jan & Barbara Erisken shared the word. It was a real time of refreshing and encouragement and the Holy Spirit ministered to and blessed each person that came. We also had a fantastic children's program during the conference and our children's team went above and beyond the call of duty to bless the kids. Thanks Roswitha and team!!! And thanks to everyone who made Faith Conference 2012 possible!


        Rita Dullinger (RA '02)                        Erwin & Petra Hehenberger (RA '01)                 Sigi & Helga Wögerbauer (RA '06)

From August 13-17 we were in Flachau with the leaders of our church and their families. Flachau is a beautiful town in the Austrian Alps. A number of years ago we decided to invite our church leaders and their families to come away for a week of rest and relaxation. We stay at a youth hostel (Hanneshof) and our church pays for half of the costs of those who come. (This makes it very inexpensive for the whole family to come and enjoy some time together.) The kids have fun with one another at the lake, on the trampolines, in the sports hall, bike riding and games in the evening. And the adults have some good times too! We always go mountain hiking, swimming or bike riding and also play table games at night. And did I mention food! Yes, we do some good eating too! And every day after breakfast and after our evening meal we have a time of praise, prayer and a devotion from the Bible. It's a time of getting to know one another better, a time of simply enjoying the good things of God and a time where we say thanks to the faithful men and women who are working together with us in the church and Bible School.

On August 31, (my mom's birthday) we had a concert in Wels with David Krexa. David is a worship leader from Freilassing in Germany. He writes some wonderful praise and worship songs in the German language and is a very gifted singer and guitarist. He came with his band and blessed our church and guests. Check him out at

I also was honored to participate in 2 workshops at the "Key2Life Festival" from August 31 - Sept. 2. "Key2Life" is organized by the Catholic Youth of the Vienna Diocese and is one of the largest youth festivals in Austria. I did the workshops with Brother Fabian, a Catholic monk from the Monastery in Marchegg where the festival is held. Our subjects were "Communion and the Holy Mass" and "The Church - What Is It and Who Is It Made Up Of?". We both shared for a few minutes about the different viewpoints that Catholics and Protestants have concerning these issues and then had a time of questions and answers. It was such a precious time of sharing and getting to know one another. It helped me see once again that we are not nearly as far apart on  issues as we sometimes think. I was really blessed to see the faces of the kids light up when we spoke about Jesus and what He did for us in His great love! What a cool time! Thanks to the Key2Life team and a special thanks to Brother Fabian!  



Judy conducted a women's conference from June 7 - 9. Wow! Great things happened! The conference was called "Pretty Woman" and there was good worship, beauty workshops, teaching on subjects like marriage, being single, raising children and seminars with Karen Jensen, an instructor at Rhema USA. Oh, did I forget to mention food? These ladies had a great time and were encouraged and lifted up by the love of God and good fellowship with other godly women.

At the end of the month I taught "Bibliology: The History of the Bible" in our Rhema Austrai school in Klagenfurt. Thanks God for the Holy Bible, the written word of God. It is trustworthy and true! The students were hungry for the word and the anointing to teach was tangibly present. We have 24 students in Klagenfurt and it is so encouraing to see how dedicated they are to the call of God on their lives. Gottfried and Sibylle Knirsch (Rhema Wels graduates) are the leaders of our Rhema Klagenfurt campus and the pastors of the Freie Christengemeinde Klagenfurt where classes are held. Thanks Gottfried and Sibylle for the great work you are doing for the kingdom of God! Thanks students of Rhema Klagenfurt for obeying the call of God!

His Glory and Rhema Austria Graduation

Judy and I were once again blessed to be with Pastor Matthias and Sabine Jordan in Kassel, Germany for "His Glory Faith Conference". We ministered in music and the word of God in several meetings and God showed up every time! There were physical healings, decisions for Christ, baptisms with the Holy Spirit and a number of people healed of emotional scars and anguish. As Judy and I were driving to Kassel, the Lord spoke to me that He wanted to heal people who had been abused by their fathers and also to women who had been abused by their husbands. It was so precious to see how the love of God embraced and healed these precious people who had been hurt and scarred. A lot of tears were shed and a lot of restoration took place. But we didn't just weep at these meetings! In the evenings there was a lot of refreshing and rejoicing in the presence of God. The worship was awesome and paved the way for God to do great things. Thanks Pastor Matthias and Sabine! We love you! Thanks Jesus Centrum Kassel! You are awesome!

On May 25, we conducted our Rhema Austria Bible School graduation. 12 students had completed the 2 year program at our Wels Campus and 9 students from our Rhema Campus in Lienz. We had a great time celebrating wth the graduates and presenting them their diplomas. They worked hard, made sacrifices and faithfully obeyed the Lord's call to be trained for the work of the ministry. Rev. Edwin Jung, the Chairman of the Freie Christengemeinde - Pfingstgemeinde Österreich (the Austrian Pentecostal Movement) was our keynote speaker. He encouraged the graduates to use their training to fulfill God's plan for their lives. Congratulations to the 21 graduates of Rhema Austria's 2011-2012 class! You are God's best!


March and April

Our Missionskonferenz 2012 was a hit! More than 12 missions organizations were represented and people attended from all over Austria. Each missions organization had a display booth and got to share about what they are doing and where. We also had international worship in Romanian, French and Swahili and international cuisine during the breaks. Wycliff Bible Translators, Open Doors, Frontiers, Operation Mobilization and Shelter Now were some of those who shared. It was an honor and privilege to hear from these men and women who are risking their own lives for the cause of Jesus Christ. We raised more than 12,000 Euros and distributed it to the missions organizations who were at the conference. Thanks to Roswitha Karl (our missions department leader) and to her hard working team!

At the end of March, Judy and I visited Bamberg, Germany for the first time. Günther and Andra Kunstmann, pastors of Jesus Gemeinde in Bamberg, invited us to minister at their "Faith and Fire Conference". The meetings were great. The Holy Spirit granted times of refreshing, healings occured and several decisions for Christ were made during the final service on Sunday. It was also inspiring to hear the story of how their church was founded more than 20 years ago and of how God has faithfully blessed the work. Thanks Günther and Andra! You're a doing a great work!

Tony Cooke, former Dean of Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Ok. honored us with a visit. He and his wife Lisa ministered in our church and Bible School. Revelation and deposits of grace were imparted that left a lasting impression on the lives of those in attendance. Lisa shared some worship songs that brought us into the very presence of God and Pastor Tony ministered on the subejcts of "Tips from Bible Heros" and "God's Amazing Grace". Judy and I were also greatly encouraged by the times of fellowship with them. Thanks Tony and Lisa!

Fred preaching Bamberg

WBS and Family February

In February, Judy, Hannah and I were blessed to attend Winter Bible Seminar in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The times of worship were a blessing and the messages were inspiring, encouraging and challenging. We also got to see a lot of people that we haven't seen for a long time and had some good fellowship. While there we attended the RMAI National Directors meeting, the International Rhema Directors meeting, the International Directors fellowship and the Rhema Alumni meeting... in other words meetings, meetings, meetings. Romana Vrana, our administrator at Rhema Austria came with us and had a good time getting to see what's happening at the home base. On Sunday, Feb. 26, I ministered at New Beginnings Family Church in Mustang, Ok. which is pastored by Craig and Dorothy Teddy. I sang and then preached about the power in the Name of Jesus.

After WBS we flew to New Jersey and had a good visit with family and friends. I also preached at Crossroads Assembly of God in Medford and did a concert at First Methodist Church in my hometown of Millville. The concert was a real blast for me. Hannah sang with me which was a real blessing too. Some of my old high school friends and teachers were there and the mayor of Millville even came. Tina Shannon Benishek who organized the concert graduated from high school the same year that I did and back then neither of us knew Jesus! It's cool to see how some of my friends and acquaintances have gotten saved over they years! Thanks to all who made it possible and to all who came! Blessings to you in Jesus!!!

Rhema Austria News January


                                 Rhema Wels                                                            Rhema Braunau                                             Rhema Klagenfurt

   It's 2012 and great things are happening at Rhema Austria! On January 12, we started basic training in Wels with 40 students in attendance. Christoph Blohberger (Rhema Austria 1997) taught the subject "Principles of Faith" and encouraged the students to be doers of the word! The next week, we were in Braunau with 15 students attending. I taught "Theology of Grace" and was blessed to see the eyes of the students light up as they received the life changing truths of God's grace. And then last weekend in Klagenfurt 23 students came and Conny Kloiber (Rhema Austria 2000) taught "Redemptive Realities". It's simply wonderful to see how God's word is going into the hearts of these precious men and women. Our second year class in Wels is halfway through and soon 12 men and women will be graduating and moving into the next phase of God's plan for their lives! Please pray for our schools and for all the students. Austria shall be filled with the knowledge of God's glory! 


Baby Dedication

8 children were blessed in our baby dedication Sunday morning.

Water Baptism

In the evening 18 people were baptized in water upon their confession of faith in Jesus Christ!


   Since returing from our 10 day trip to Tulsa and Winter Bible Seminar we have been really busy! I taught in Rhema Vienna the day after we got back and have been running since. I taught in Vienna two more times in March as well as in Rhema Wels. I conducted a seminar in Heidenheim in Germany and also preached in the international church there. A few days later we had our annual missions conference in Wels which was also great blessed. The next week, Judy and I conducted a marriage seminar in the church of one of our Rhema Austria graduates in Klagenfurt which was a truly blessed event. We also ministerd in their Sunday service and the grace of God was mighty! After that we hosted two meetings in our church in Wels with Peter Pretorius, the leader of Joint Aid Management which feeds more than 600,000 children every day in Africa ! In the two nights we collected more than 11,200.00 Euros. ($16,130.00) 266 precious children will be saved from starvation because of those two nights! Last weekend I taught "Pastoral Ministry" in our Rhema Austria campus in Lienz and also preached in three church services. It was an awesome time and God really did some great things. Relationships were restored, people renewed their commitment to Jesus and His church, three people received the baptism with the Holy Spirit and everyone was filled and refreshed. Of course in addition to all of this we have had all of our local church and Bible School activities to fulfill. Ministry is not a 40 hour a week job for missionaries and Bible school directors! Wednesday night (April 13) we had a party for Steve and Brenda Wildman who have been our assistants for almost the last 5 years. They will soon be returning to the USA and we wanted to take a bit of time and honor them and thank them for their faithful ministry in Austria. Pray for them in this new phase of their lives and ministry.

   I am really looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow we are conducting a wedding ceremony together with a good friend and colleague from Vienna. A young man who gave his life to Jesus in our church in Wels is marrying a girl from his church. The groom is a first year Rhema Vienna student and a guy with great potential. Pray for him and his bride to be. On Sunday we are having a baby dedication service in the morning and a water baptism in the evening. 8 babies are going to be dedicated and 17 people will be baptised in water. Praise the Lord that the family of God is growing. Our church has enjoyed some good growth in the last 6 months and we are greatly encouraged. Our building renovations are nearly completed. The last few touches will be done this summer. All in all we put a new roof on our 17,000 sq. foot facility, new thermal siding, new windows, new entrance, 400 new chairs and various other projects. All of it was done without a bank loan or going into debt! Our church family rose to the occasion and gave above their tithes and offerings the money needed to complete the project! The last few things include a new sign for the building (which we have already ordered) and lettering on the siding. Statements about Jesus such as, "The way the truth and the life", "The resurrection and the Life", will be painted in very modern design directly on the walls of our building by a company who specializes in building lettering. Once completed it will be the only building like it in all of Austria. We want everything we do and everything we have to be to His glory! Austria shall be filled with the KNOWLEDGE of God's glory! Pray for us! If you'd like to support this great work in Austria financially, please click here. Thank you so much!!!


Hello everyone! Just thought I'd drop a few lines of news and updates to you!

   I just received an e-mail from a dear sister in our church. The first line was, "I'm just writing to let you know that the pain in my back is totally gone! I was able to sleep soundly for the first time in a long time last night!" Praise God! On Sunday the presence of the Lord was mighty in church and we prayed for various people. Healings are happening on a regular basis here in Wels! I preached on "Was the Earthquake in Japan God's Judgment?" (I have included a small portion of it in my blog if you're interested... no, it wasn't God's judgment!) At the end I gave an invitation to receive Jesus and four people responded to give their lives to Him! That's what it's all about! Speaking of salvations; yesterday (Monday, March 21) I conducted a funeral not far from Wels. I always preach the gospel at a funeral with the hope of reaching family and friends of the deceased. God helped us and many people prayed with us to receive Jesus! Thank God for every opportunity He gives us to reach the lost!

   The last several weeks have been extra busy. I've been to Vienna twice to teach in the Rhema Vienna Campus and I drive there again tomorrow for the last session of New Testament Survey. Kurt and Susi Zink (Rhema Austria graduates of 1997) pastor a church in Vienna (S.O.S. Station) and just opened a Rhema Campus in September. God is doing great things there!  I was also in Heidenheim an der Brenz in Germany for a seminar and church service. The seminar was "Reigning in Life by Grace and Righteousness" and it went very well. The church (International Christliches Zentrum Heidenheim) is pastored by a German couple, Christoph and Connie Willer, whom I met in Romania about 16 years ago. The church is a Russian / German church. (Small world, huh?) I preached and taught in German and it was then translated into Russian. That was a first for me! (I don't understand a word of Russian.) It's a small but growing church. They have a lot of potential for the kingdom! Pray for them when you think of them.

   Last weekend we conducted our annual Missions Conference in our church in Wels. More than 10 missionary organizations were there and presented their ministries. We had international praise and worship; several African groups and a Romanian worship team. They were awesome. We also had international cuisine, a world missions fashion show (that was the girl's idea), special missions presentations for the children and inspiring, mortivating messages in the evening services. People from all over Austria came as well our international guests. A good number of people responded to the call of God to world missions in the evening services! Praise God! The people were also very generous and we were able to raise more than 10,000 Euros for the various missions organizations that were with us. (Wycliff, Operation Mobilization, Frontiers, Open Doors, Shelter Now, Ampuls, Family Aid Foundation Romania, Stoffwechsel and various others. You can find most of them by googling.)

   Judy and I are heading to Klagenfurt in Austria this weekend to conduct a marriage seminar. We are really looking forward to it! Gottfried and Sybille Knirsch graduated from Rhema Austria about 5 years ago and are pastoring a Freie Christengemeinde Church there. When they assumed leadership of the church 3 years ago it was a small church with an older congregation who hadn't had a pastor for a number of years. They went through some trials in the beginning. (Not everyone was excited about them being there; especially the devil.) But now the church is growing quickly. They have a number of new familes and a growing youth and children's ministry. (The Knirsch's have 5 children of their own.) We are so pleased to hear about what God is doing and are excited to see it for ourselves. The Pentecostal home missions board is really thrilled about what Gottfried and Sybille are doing there! Please pray for them, for the seminar and for the church! This couple is very gifted and we believe they are going to make a huge difference in Austria! Til next time, be blessed!!!


   We're back! As many of you know, Judy, Hannah and I went to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for Winter Bible Seminar at Rhema Bible Church. We were there from February 19th through March 1st. It was a great time! We saw lots of friends, ate too much, shopped till we dropped, took part in the meetings at WBS and celebrated Hannah's 19th birthday. The meetings were wonderfully refreshing and encouraging. Lynette Hagin shared in the mornings on prayer and then we prayed. Those prayer times were precious. God met us there as we sought Him and lifted our voices. In the evenings Pastor Hagin shared on a variety of subjects including the power of the blood of Jesus, the anointing, godly living and divine healing. Every night people made decisions for Christ and came forward for prayer. The worship times were a highlight of this years WBS as God's presence filled the room and touched our lives. We were also privileged to visit our good friend and mentor David Ingles. Judy and I spent some time with Pastor David and Sharon at their lovely home and attended the Sunday service at Walnut Grove Church where they pastor. I was asked to give a testimony and sing. I told about what God has been doing in Austria through us and then sang a song from my new CD as well as a few worship choruses. Pastor David shared about the prayer of faith and the importance of hearing and speaking the word of God. What a blessing! With God all things are possible and we are with Him! All in all I think the thing that meant the most to me on this trip was how important it is to have spiritual family and spritual roots. There are some blessings and provisions that we can only receive by being part of a spiritual family and maintaining those relationships. I truly thank God for the Hagins, the Ingles, the Rhema Family and for the "Faith Camp" in general. It is an honor to be able to serve God with believers of like precious faith. Of course we love all of our family in Christ but we just got back from WBS and the Tulsa area and that was big on my heart. We have family, friends and pastors all over the world who are a blessing to us and we are so thankful to God for all of them. The longer I live, the more I realize how important it is to have family in Christ. We need each other. While we're on it, if you need prayer, please send us an e-mail or give us a call. We would count it an honor to be able to serve you! Love and blessings to you and welcome back! 


   We had a great church service today in Wels. As the worship time was winding down, I had the impression to go forward and pray. As I did, the Holy Spirit fell upon me and I began to weep. It was if I could sense the needs and pains of the people. Suddenly a word came up out of my heart and I spoke, "It's not too late. It's not too late. With God all things are possible. Stand back up and believe God. Trust Him to do what he said He would do. It's not too late for your marriage. It's not too late for your ministry. Trust God!" Several people told me that this word was specifically for them but I had the impression that I should write it in our news section too. I believe it might be for someone who is reading this right now. It's not too late for you! It's never too late for God. Even when it looks too late in the natural, God can turn things around. Trust Him!

   We also gave three one thousand Euro checks out today. During the Christmas season we had a stand at the Christmas Market in Wels. We sold various things for the purpose of raising money for three charitable organizations. The Christmas stand opened up on November 19th and ran until Dec. 24th. Everyday from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm, the faithful people of FCG Wels manned the stand; sometime in bitter cold weather with snow falling and ice on the streets. Today representatives from the Red Cross, Essen and Leben (an organization that provides meals and groceries for the poor) and from Joint Aid Management were with us to receive our donations. It was a great encouragement for our faithful helpers to see how their hard work turned into blessing for these organizations.

   After church I went to Linz to pray for a woman in the hospital. Her name is Helga. She has cancer in a very advanced stage. She actually wanted me to come and talk with her about planning her funeral. Somehow I had the impression to pray for her healing in Jesus' Name and leave the funeral plans to another day. We prayed and trust God that He heard us. We believe that the healing anointing of Jesus is at work in her body right now! If you are reading this, take a moment and agree with us in prayer and then give God thanks that His mighty power is working in Helga.

   While I was preaching in Wels, Judy was preaching in Braunau in a Freie Christengemeinde, pastored by dear friends and colleagues, Kent and Anna-Lena Andersen. She said that the service went well and that she had some great fellowship afterward. She spoke on the importance of ministering to the children in our churches and motivated people to get involved in helping to do just that. A few years ago I got a word of prophecy that said, "Your children will run faster, build bigger and accomplish more than you!" We are seeing that come to pass before our eyes! God is a God of families and salvation is for you and your whole house. Tonight we have prayer meeting and I am looking forward to spending some  more time in the presence of God! Be blessed and have a great day today! 

February 4, 2011

   Had another long day yesterday. Several appointments, improving and rewriting Bible School tests, the mail, controlling the bank statements, answering e-mails, fixing some technical stuff on our internet server, a counseling session and then a rehearsal with Crucible for the Worship Revolution Event. Left the house in the morning and got home at about 10:30 pm. Not everyday is like that but a lot of them are. It's not real glamourous but it does make a difference. Thank God for His grace that is more than enough.  

January 31, 2011

   Got the website up today. It's bare bones but it's more "up to date" than what we had online until now. I'll be adding stuff and posting blogs and news as time permits. Greetings and love to you! Grace and peace are yours in Christ!!!

January 30, 2011

   Today Judy and I were in Ried in Upper Austria with Pastor Norbert and Maria Haslinger. They graduated with the first graduating class of Rhema Austria in 1996. About ten years ago the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and said He wanted us to plant a church in the city of Ried. At that time Norbert and Maria were two of our most faithful workers in our children's ministry and other areas in the church. Since they lived in the area of Ried, they were excited about helping us plant a church there. We conducted a number of evangelistic meetings in Ried and eventually started a bi-weekly Bible study which we then asked Norbert and Maria to lead. Well, things grew and eventually we rented a building and started conducting church services and the church was founded. It was a blessing to be there today and to see the good things that God has done over the years. We preached on "Continuing in the Grace of God" and encouraged the people to trust God for greater things. There were several edifying messages in tongues with interpretation that confirmed God's great desire to help us fulfill His plans and purposes for our lives.  Pray for Norbert, Maria and their family when you think of them. Norbert still works a full time secular job and is trusting God for the day when he will be pastoring full time.

   ***THIS JUST IN***   I just got off the phone with Steve Wildman, our assistant pastor and he said the service in Wels went great today. He said that 4 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord! That's what it's all about. God is so faithful. He sends us to bless other churches and while we're gone, He blesses our church! What a wonderful Father!